Maintaining NZ’s Largest Crude Storage Tank

Client - Refining NZ Date - 2016

Tank 13 at Refining NZ’s Marsden Point site has a capacity of 91,479,000 litres of crude oil, and is the largest crude storage tank in NZ. With a 15 year maintenance outage scheduled, the tank needed to be maintained and re-entered into service as quickly as possible, with minimum scope but with 100% confidence that the tank will be reliable in service for another 15 years.

Refining NZ needed a reasonable prediction of the scope of work required ahead of the outage, a detailed scope once the tank was cleaned, repair specifications and quality control for the project.

To achieve this, GRIT’s coatings experts carried out an external inspection of the tank while it remained in service, reviewed historic records, and considered the coatings used and their condition at the last outage. With this information, a detailed external scope for repairs was developed, and the internal repair scope could also be predicted, so repairs could be planned in advance. Once the tank was opened up and cleaned, it was internally inspected and a detailed scope was developed.

GRIT’s coatings experts used experience and product knowledge to help accurately predict and plan coatings repair scopes prior to the scheduled outage. Our fit for purpose repair scopes helped to minimise cost, whilst also minimising the risk of failure during the tank’s next in-service cycle.

We assisted with contractor selection calling on our network of trusted experts, and provided the superintendent to assist with project management for the coatings part of the project. Quality control documentation was also created, reviewed and approved by GRIT, to ensure successful outcomes for the project and minimal risk of failure during the next cycle.

All coatings quality control was carried out by GRIT’s independent Coating Inspectors on behalf of both the coatings contractors and the client, to ensure a fit for purpose outcome was achieved and confidence in the next 15 year cycle was given.

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