Industrial Warehouse Construction Monitoring

When a NZ family-owned construction company required construction monitoring by a competent Chartered Engineer, engineering support, and temporary works during the construction of a 7200 sqm portal steel-framed warehouse in Auckland, they engaged GRIT to ensure the large-scale, high-quality build was professionally executed and constructed on-time. 


The construction company contracted for the construction of this large 50m span portal steel-framed warehouse and office building has extensive construction knowledge and experience in commercial construction and a successful track record of delivering on-time and on-budget. GRIT was engaged to provide construction monitoring, engineering support, and temporary works, based on our reputation for being reliable and practical. 

The Challenge 

With the original design having been completed overseas, modification design and engineering were needed for the end-bearing concrete piles, concrete retaining wall, and concrete slab. The complex slab design was crucial to get right as the building requires a large smooth surface that won’t crack under wheel loads. The 50m long portal frame beam spans also needed to be constructed at height. 

GRIT’s Approach 

Working closely with the client’s engineering design partner to understand the design, we were able to provide engineering support to modify, review changes, and assess criticality. Our great working relationship with the designers allowed us to quickly resolve any design queries on the client’s behalf, without affecting the construction schedule.  

We also provided temporary works design and structural engineering support and guidance during the project to assist with the erection of building panels and drainage construction.  

Our qualified Chartered Engineers provided construction monitoring throughout the project via site visits and remote inspections to check the quality, accuracy, and progress while supporting the client efficiently and economically. We also issued the Construction Review Producer Statement (PS4) associated with it, required for the code of compliance certification. 

The Outcome  

Our team’s competency, specialist skills, and practical approach supported the client to deliver a professionally executed large-scale, high-quality build constructed on-time. The project resulted in a great relationship with the client which led to us partnering together on multiple other projects. 

Key Highlights 

  • Flexible, responsive, practical, approach resulting in a great relationship with the client. 
  • Temporary works design and structural engineering to assist with the erection of building panels and drainage construction. 
  • Collaborated with multiple partners and alongside the client to save time and improve the quality of construction. 
  • Added insight into the industrial concrete slab design, verifying that it was fit for purpose and made to industry standard. 
  • Modification design and engineering of: 

– End-bearing reinforced concrete piles to support ground beams subject to high uniform loads 

– Reinforced concrete retaining wall and footing design

– Reinforced concrete slab and strip footing design for utility blocks  

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