Coatings and durability specialists delivering practical and fit for purpose corrosion solutions, expert witness advice and independent inspection.

GRIT Engineering has significant experience in corrosion control and protective coatings. Together with our network of highly skilled and knowledgeable suppliers, contractors and technical experts, we provide fit for purpose corrosion control solutions that deliver best value across your entire project.

We take a thorough approach to asset durability, from design and material selection, through protective coating selection, scope preparation, contractor selection and quality control. Our corrosion protection solutions are tailored to suit your needs in terms of detail, capital investment and risk level, as well as compliance requirements.

We offer complete transparency around our calculations, and can clearly demonstrate where our information comes from, allowing you to make informed decisions about asset management.

Our Corrosion and Coatings Specialists offer expertise in:

  • Condition inspection and assessment services for tanks, concrete and steel structures, equipment susceptible to CUI corrosion risk, stress corrosion cracking, dew point corrosion or any other process related corrosion risks.
  • Specifications for corrosion prevention in accordance with NZ standards, building code requirements or asset owner’s plans.
  • Process equipment and industrial coatings including fireproofing thermal spray coatings, internal hydrocarbon, water and other storage tanks, industrial process equipment liners and rubber liners.
  • Preparing work scopes for protective coating works.
  • Engaging trusted contractors and issuing work scopes.
  • Preparing and managing quality control documentation to minimise chances of premature failures, while balancing costs.
  • Providing independent third-party coatings inspection services.

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