Jetty Loading Structure Maintenance

Client - Refining NZ Date - Ongoing

Refining NZ‘s jetty loading structures are key to the entire plant’s operation, with zero redundancy for their function. Built in a corrosive marine and industrial environment, the structures – which had durability issues and some structural deficiencies – were in a deteriorated condition and need of repairs and maintenance.

The brief was for a solution that provided 25 years of service before first maintenance. Any solution would need to take account of the limited accessibility and allow the structures to remain available for service at all times.

GRIT began with a condition assessment and worked with specialist consultants on Seismic fitness for service, code compliance for ongoing use, and temporary works wind loading assessments.

Detailed specifications for structural repairs and modifications were created, and quality control and tracking system for repairs. Using GRIT’s expert coatings and durability knowledge and working closely with coatings manufacturers and contractors, the most suitable products and systems were produced.  Specifications were reviewed and approved by the client, contractors and suppliers to ensure buy-in from all stakeholders.

GRIT continues to work alongside contractors to ensure the specifications are practical and develop improvements where possible, modifying the specifications to improve efficiency.

With the first stage of structural repairs completed, the client could be confident that the structure was safe for ongoing operation. Once fully maintained, the structures will be compliant under building code and IPENZ PN19 requirements. Along with repair and maintenance guidance and a maintenance program to maximise the performance of protective coatings, the outcome for the client is an asset that will be durable and reliable for the next 25 years or more.

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