Kowhai Water Reservoir Roof Replacement

Client - Cassidy Construction

GRIT teamed up with Cassidy Construction as part of a design and build project to give the 63-year-old Kowhai Reservoir a well-needed new roof. 

Kowhai Water Reservoir in Mairangi Bay holds 4.6 million litres of water and serves 16,500 residents from Browns Bay in the north to Campbells Bay in the south. After 63 years of service, the Kowhai Reservoir required some work.

The existing reservoir has a dome concrete roof which needed to be replaced with a structural steel roof supported by the reservoir walls and a central concrete column.  Work began to dismantle and replace the ageing dome lid with a more robust model featuring a steel frame and fibreglass cladding.  The entire structure was covered in a roof sheeting system and GRIT provided guidance and specifications for the coating systems for the structural steel.   

The specified coating system needed to be suitable for potable water applications and robust enough to withstand the structure’s transportation, cranage, and installation. 


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